We Act Like Nobody Dies – Thao and the Get Down

Review and Photography by Megan T.
Catalyst Atrium
July 20, 2016

Harmonies of brass and silver outline the sliding amber of upturned beers. Thao and the Get Down Stay Down articulate from firecrackers to nostalgic dreamers, catching attention from NPR playlists to Sasquatch stages. Their sound ranges from Beastie Boys firecracker, like in “Body” to slow tempo jazzy folk and then back up to bonfire anthems like “Holy Roller” (a personal favorite.) Thao Nguyen switched instruments like Dr. Seuss, from fiddles to keyboards and banjos, and the groups energy kept us flowing with their attitude. Ending an encore with a remix of “Get Your Freak On” by adding more electric guitar and shoulder rolls is a good move in my book. As is their newest March release, ‘A Man Alive’ which chronicles the deeply personal narrative of Nguyen’s estranged father. Volatility is shown in the track names themselves, developing from “Slash/Burn” to “Endless Love”. Give it a listen, the new or the old, the tracks “We the Common” or “Nobody Dies”, the hopeful or the riotous. Regardless, it’s gold.


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