The Good Vibes of Slow Magic

I was skeptical. Throw a metal head in a pop show and you have someone standing awkwardly, hyperconscious of their hands. That was me when the opening acts of Thursday night’s show at 1015 Folsom went on. With the bubbly, light beats from Qrion and the boy band duo of Shy Girls; the vocalist of whom was wearing a white on white on white get up, this basshead was out of her element. And their finale song? A cover of Time After Time. Vomit. But there was hope! Third up, Point Point owned it in an oversized black hoodie and got straight into beats that started with top 40s and greatest hits but only peeked enough of them for recognition. Then he broke away into original beats that built on themselves in a perfectly undulating way. Check out ‘Serious Mood’ that flip flops but flows between high tempo percussion and almost brass-sounding highlights or ‘Hands’ for buzzing vocals.

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Slow Magic, with his 3 year old album ‘How to Run Away’ still sold out on his BandCamp, makes music that is dreamy, ethereal but still full of life. Opting for the imaginary persona by dawning a rainbow infused mask, he opens the album with gentle piano in “Still Life”, swelling up to convey readiness, energy and a flow you could space out with. “Girls” is one of the more popular, and a personal favorite for the echoic playfulness . Immersed in his music and bold lighting, a wall of color behind the masked man, I felt like a lost boy in Peter Plan. With more house style and synth than his previous work, he keeps it rooted in the percussion created live, not flattened by a recording. In fact, his son came on stage and followed the choreography of addressing the audience, building tempo and striking color across the electric room.

Review and Photography by Megan T.

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