Sonic Radar: Japanese Breakfast at the Indy

Japanese Breakfast

It’s been a minute since there has been a ping on the radar, but Michelle Zauner had the Ambulance’s full attention. Psychopomp was delicious from first listen until the vinyl pre-order arrived in the mail. Which by the way is one of the most gorgeous packaging and color variant I have, so major shout out to Yellow K Records on the fabulous job. I even picked up more merch at the show as well, but I digress. Japanese Breakfast hypnotizes me with dreamy pop and moments of eerie reverb. Her lyrics are catchy, the great variety of the tone of her vocals don’t bore listeners and the rest of the band sounds tight. The drums sound great live, and were the best part of The Cranberries cover, I mean don’t get me wrong I’m all about it, but the rest sounded exactly like the original. I also know they were the opener and I’m greedy so I wanted to hear more songs, but without a doubt I’ll be catching them live again. I’m in the beginner fan to Zauner’s art, and I really appreciate how she’s releasing so many good products around this album; fun music videos, great tour posters, and cute koozies. Not just selling a hip personality or cashing in on merch, but you can tell her persona has more to offer than just an mp3. Her music has soul and is intimate even though it’s graduated from it’s lo-fi roots. Glad to have seen them at one of our favorite venues the Independent. I’m sold on Japanese Breakfast, and will return for the next meal.



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