Shes’: Laura Marling & Valley Queen


Review by Megan T.

The Fillmore hosted an accordion of female vocals, carefree guitar melodies, and a calm, confident energy Friday night. Headliner of the night, Laura Marling is a well-branded woman whose new album ‘Semper Femina’ adds to her beautiful collection of creation. Somewhere between soul, folk and electronica tracks like ‘Soothing’ showcase her eerie, sensual voice, and this track has been nailed as the “only ambitious composition”. The album itself addresses the “psychology of friendship” and the many layered experience of a woman in our culture. From Mother Earth to the conditioned blindness we experience, to bonds broken and love between women morphed. With her matter-of-fact approach to lyricism and presentation, she conveys confidence, consideration and meditation. My favorite line from the evening: “She keeps a pen behind her ear in case there’s something she really really needs to say.” Ladies (and gentlemen), give her a listen and weigh in on what’s given.


A well-paired evening, the opening band, Valley Queen, is an LA-based group with Natalie Carol’s powerful voice. They played NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert when they had recorded only three songs because they’ve got a little something something to be shared. Their debut EP, ‘Destroyer’, came out in March and it personifies a different California style than many other mainstream sounds. Even the ablum cover, an alluring color-block skyline of the Griffin Oberservatory and coastal blues boasts pride in their inspirational state. The track list bounces from high tempo hollers in ‘Stars Align’ then immediately sets down into ‘My Man’, all while maintaining Carol’s crystal smooth voice and the sound I would play getting ready for a night out. Both artists have an understated passion, sometimes breaking out but always returning to the centric energy.


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