Psych Trippin with Tame Impala

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

The New Zealand act now Portland transplant, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, has gone far from their first tours of the states, and now playing to a sold-out crowd at the Greek in Berkeley. First caught them four years ago, and only 5 people were in the crowd, and now their sound is powerfully changed to more funk and jazz. Their excellent harmonious Multi-Love album, sounded incredible in the open air theatre. Perfectly paired to get the crowd in the mood for Tame Impala, UMO played their hits, not rushed with an interesting light glow set up, and even back up singers for select tracks. The title track was excellent, but my personal favorite of their set was Can’t Keep Checking My Phone. So glad I picked up this record, and recommend all to do so as well.

Tame Impala

I caught Tame Impala weeks before the release of Currents last year, they only had two singles out then but they still a huge role in their set list. Especially since it was at the main stage at Sasquatch right when the sun was setting. And ever since then I haven’t been able to get enough. When the first date sold out instantly I knew I couldn’t play any games and had to make the drive up to Oakland to secure tickets at the source. Months and months of anticipation built up, and we were more than ready when the day finally came. Right from the jump, visuals synced up with the rhythms, the crowd was singing and swaying the whole time. The stage production perfectly engaged the crowd with the band, the lights would dim when Kevin Parker would serenade the crowd from the edge of the stage. The house lights would light up when the confetti was being blasted into the crowd. Playing a great deal of their latest offering, but also playing what the people needed to hear, just reaffirmed in my mind that Currents was the best of last year. Yes, I’m Changing came out beautifully live, pure pop deliciousness that tapped into a Michael Jackson vibe. After Apocalypse Dreams, Kevin went into a guitar solo with the projectors reacting to the sound waves. The rest of the band returned and went in for the kill, finishing up the show with an incredible encore of Feels Like We Only Go Backwards and New Person, Same Old Mistakes. A huge chunk of the Bay was off at Burning Man, but the real magik was happening at the Greek.

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