Preoccupations at Ace of Spades

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Post-Punk act Preoccupations hit an early stage time in Sacramento to the sold out crowd for Explosions in the Sky. Already hitting the road to promote the highly anticipated follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed self titled album of their past band name. Now another self titled album of the new band name is just two weeks away before dropping, has two solid singles; Anxiety and Degraded, and let me tell ya, they sound excellent live. Perfectly mixed into the set list continuing the groove they found, not shying away from sound manipulation and effects; the guitarists Munro and Christiansen would man their pedals in extended jams. The sound set up in the Ace of Spades is pretty impressive, the Flegels vocals came through great, and Mike Wallace on the drums really sold everyone in the crowd. Of course they played March of Progress and Continental Shelf both were terrific, but the star of the night was Death. Like the went and took it to the next level. The energy out of the whole band, had the crowd thinking the song must be over, but they were barely half way through. Even though they were opening, that in its self, was an encore performance, leaving everything on the stage.

Preoccupations drop September 16th

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