Ogilala and Corgan’s best at the Herbst Theatre

From grunged out post rock metal god status, William Patrick Corgan, strips down to an acoustic solo album, Ogilala. Emotions still pour through each and every song, and it transitioned perfectly to the live performance of the whole album on these select tour dates. Whether on the piano or strumming the guitar and playing the harmonica Corgan was in the zone. Zowie, Processional, and The Spaniards were played back to back with no interraction with the crowd, it made perfect sense for how the album plays out as well. The overly zealous crowd kept shouting out song titles while the guitar tech would exchange axes. To tame their excitement Corgan spoke into the mic, “Lets not go back the Fillmore.. lets be here now” his hands pointing around to the gorgeous Herbst Theatre. Even when the guitar string snapped at the beginning of The Long Goodbye, he kept going like a professional. Antietam would have been nice with both guitars and keys like on the studio album but I wouldn’t hold it against this show. The Spaniards is my favorite track off of Ogilala and it was incredible to hear it live. After a 20 minute intermission, WPC dug deep into the Smashing Pumpkin discography, masterfully rearranging the compositions for the solo acoustic experience. Even hallmark covers like Landslide were different, and halfway through Tonight, Tonight WPC cracked a big smile as if realization of what a classic he wrote. No Miley Cyrus cover for the first night at San Francisco, instead taking on Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd filled the theatre. For the past couple of years now most music sites have been taking quotes out of context, but still since the 90s William Patrick Corgan remains one of the greatest music acts out here.

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