Alison IS Wonderland with Elohim

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Review and Photography by Megan T.

Take the principal cellist of the Sydney Youth Orchestra , the bassist of an indie rock band and a dreamer inspired by The Knive’s ‘Silent Shout’ record. Mix them together with a heavy helping of vodka, some whipped cream and black sprinkles. And you have Alison Wonderland, a balance between upbeat and obliteration. She filled the Fox Theater, icing us in remixes from ‘When a Fire Starts to Burn’ and ‘Shape of You’ to Dre’s ‘Thizzle Dance’ in proper Oaklandish style. Her originals, like ‘Cold’ from the debut album “Run” are immense and confrontational, while ‘I Want U’ is the sound of hype and anticipation, it’s high pitched vocals and dramatic beat drops make you kneel and smack the floor it’s so good. Matter of fact, she did just that. This is the electronica I thrive in, the heavy trap beats and drops with the bright vocals to bring us up. And the crowd, who wore light up feather boas and black buckle boots, fishnets, Deadpool jerseys, were cast in wide eyed wonder, pumping fists and thrashing heads.

We played in the soundscapes she stitched together, and to make it even better, opening act Elohim was a flawless antecedent that complimented the gumdrop filth of Wonderland. ‘Sleepy Eyes’ was a seductive pep rally with poppy vocals and heavy electronic balance. She pleads “kiss me with your eyes open. So you can see me when I’m melting.” And when she went from the robotic vocals to her own, it meshed like they were her backdrop dancers and she was the orchestrating dragon. Listen to ‘Love is Alive’ and tell me if her voice sounds like icicles, before a beat from a video arcade game. The inflection she adds to ‘Hallucinating’ charms my cynical soul, and then to define it like a wandering Webster helped her set tell a narrative and build personality. Her more recent tracks like ‘Skinny Legs’ have become more ominous and layered, darker and (in my opinion) more delicious. Her music videos showcase young ladies, blocky type, rainbow static, obscured eyes and faces that confuse and orient at the same time. That night, I made dear friends with these alien femmes in their astral high platform boots, dress shirts and seizing dance moves. I grinned like a goblin. And you will too.

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