Sonic Ambulance is all about music.

And because times are tough everywhere, but mostly on the radio, our goal is to rescue music, one patient at a time.

Sonic Ambulance is a place to share music you like or learn about the latest news in up-and-coming bands, shows, and events — from our home on the California Coast and beyond.

Sonic Ambulance (SA) is about saving local music and developing interest in bands that not only tour in your area, but those that live and frequent local clubs as well.

Every day we will be updating the site with new info on music, concerts, upcoming shows, with plenty of reviews to let you know what’s worth your dough or just a download. To keep you guys involved, we here at SA are asking YOU to participate. Going to a show? Take some photos and email ‘em to us and tell us what you thought – you’ll even get credit on the site. Maybe you’re in a local band and want some exposure? Send us a demo and we’ll spread the word of your awesomeness. So hit us up on Twitter, stop by, and join the community.

We’re all driving this ambulance together, and it’s up to us to rescue the airwaves and your headphones.

And the sirens are music to our ears…

Contact info:

Kevin K. (Co-founder, Editor in Chief)

Dennis A. (Co-founder, Managing Editor)

Emily B. (Photographer/Reporter)

Jacob G. (Photographer/Reporter)

Garrison G. (Reporter/Videographer)

Ashley T. (Photographer/Videographer)

Megan T. (Photographer/Reporter)

Brenda A. (Senior Writer/Photographer)

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